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my last lesson

best lesson in forever! 

My trainer is finally back from Florida and I had a lesson today with her for the first time in probably about a year. Of course I’ve still been riding, and having lessons with other trainers, but it’s really not the same as with riding with my trainer. I’ve had her since I started riding and she just knows me and Rudy so well. 

Rudy was very good on the flat, my position, for some reason today, was like a piece of artwork, my trainer had no nitpicking to do with it! Lead changes still aren’t there, but we’re going to put back shoes on Rudy and that should help (since he’s getting the front and not the back, and he’s got the shoes on the front). 

Jumping was good, we switched back to the pelham after we trotted around the ring some. I’m hoping to find a bridle cheap so I can have two, one for the pelham and one for the d-ring, since I need to start schooling in the pelham again but the d-ring is nice for bareback stuff where I can get him to frame up without too much trouble, and trail rides and stuff. He was very “go go go” after we started going over the big ones (2’6”), but we worked on lengthening his stride but keeping the pace and it was starting to really work out by the end of the lesson. He did refuse the roll top once, but that was a combination of me looking down a bit and the jump being in the shade. He was perfect after that though, and saved my butt a couple times jumping with the distances and stuff. 

It was a lot of technical stuff, since my trainer says my eq has always been good and that it’s fun to switch it up and work on other stuff. I’m so down to work on the more technical stuff, I’ve already seen a huge improvement in my riding today!

Over all it was an amazing lesson, I’m so happy to have my trainer back, and I’m feeling more confident than ever for MHJ Adult Mini Medal finals!